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Dessert table: Birds! Hearts! Flowers!


This was a JOY to make. The bride, Lauren, a creative type herself, already had a lovely theme worked out: a lot of pastel colours with a cute red ‘pop’ here and there, and more than a touch of Kath Kidston. So, yes, I was happy from the start! Lauren was going to make her own cupcakes and a lot of other nice touches. All I had to do was come up with the cake, iced cookies and cookie pops. So, we thought… birds would be a good place to start… birds with hearts:

DSC_0803 low res

And if we’re going to have bird cookies, we need some bird cookies on a stick. These are decorated the same way: roll out icing with royal icing details… I like this way of displaying them in little glass vases with just plain ‘ol white granulated sugar poured into the bottom to help them stand up.

DSC_0804 low

And on to the main cake. We need pale blue. Pale blue gingham, yo. (It’s not often that ‘gingham’ is combined with ‘yo’ in a sentence. I am typing this now while my son sleeps — I won’t be able to get away with this kind of behaviour for much longer.)

DSC_0812 low

Lauren has her own Etsy store, Pippa and Coco, which is full of lovely things and you should definitely rifle through when you have a moment. I have my heart set on one of these pompom garlands, so I’ll be making a purchase as soon as I can find an excuse. ‘Early May Bank Holiday tea party?’ tappity-tap-tap-tap (that’s the sound of Paypal login details being punched in).

pom pom garland

Thanks for looking! I hope you like what you see! xx

DSC_0807 low

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  • Frankie
    Posted April 27, 2014 at 8:32 pm

    I really love this.. the colours are so fresh and pretty