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Claudia and Laurence’s Sheldon Manor wedding

One of the loveliest weddings I had the pleasure of providing cake for this year was at the truly lovely Sheldon Manor in Wiltshire. Bride and groom, Claudia and Laurence, tasked wedding planner super-talent, Mrs White, of Whiter than White Weddings, with masterminding their special day. Believe me, there were wonderful things everywhere. And so, after setting up the cake I couldn’t resist a poke about with my camera. And really, if I knew which end of my camera was up, you could be scrolling through beautiful details all night. But sadly, I’m an appalling photographer and I only managed to come away with a handful of decent shots. (So, why not nip over to Mrs White’s site and have a gander at some of her projects photographed by proper professionals!)

Anyway, for the here and now you are stuck with me, ladies and gents, but luckily for all of us  there were so many lovely things to photograph that hopefully you will get the gist of it and the true loveliness of it all will shine through. (Professional photographers blush and cough into their sleeves, ‘hurghh–AMATEUR-urggh-hurgh!’).

Apparently, gorgeous sightlines are a thing at Sheldon Manor. Here’s a view through an arch. It doesn’t lean in real life:


And while passing through the arch, this:


Closer look, please…


How do they make them stand up? Then suddenly, we emerge in the gorgeous garden, blinking in the sunlight and surrounded by all twinkling hearts!


Straight ahead we have romantic chairs and tables with flowers from the Walled Garden at Mells. (I’ve been promising myself pizza from their authentic pizza oven. Next summer!)  And, if we look to our right:


I don’t know what they were serving — doubtless something delicious. But we need to press on, because this next thing will cause Daenerys Targaryen to lay waste to your village in a fit of rage and envy.


Shut up!

And I bet your are wondering about those little stars on the fabric. Well, let me rush forward with another decidedly average photograph of them which certainly doesn’t do them justice.


Weeell, you know what I mean. And inside the cutest marquee in the world, we have place settings:


Bravo, Walled Garden of Mells with your sexy flowers and pizza oven. Bravo!


It pains me to leave the Cutest Marquee in the World TM, but that cake is not going to (badly) photograph itself, you know…


On the way a gorgeous view to take in:


We’ll just quickly peep in here. Can you get married in here, I wonder?


AAAAAAAaaaand cake:


Cake pops, bravely withstanding the warm weather and staunchly refusing to slide down their sticks. Well done, lads!


Inside there was a gramophone, which was beautiful, and a very artistic table plan dressed with flowers which I failed to photograph, but I did manage this:


Goodbye, Sheldon Manor, with all your lovely things! And congratulations Claudia and Laurence on your very special day. Thank you for asking me to make your cake. The pleasure was all mine.



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  • Frankie
    Posted October 8, 2014 at 11:04 am

    What a stunning house and grounds and the cake is beautiful.