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Simple Easter Bunny Cake Toppers How To

Hi-Hi! How about a great little Easter holiday activity for you to make with the children? Easter Bunny cake toppers to sit pretty on top of your cheee-ock-late cake!

Believe me they are SUPER easy. All you need are the following: sugar paste coloured with the tiniest smidge of pastel colouring, one food safe pen, one pair of scissors — smallish ones will be easiest to handle. (Pale green sprinkles are also useful, but they didn’t make it into the picture.)

So, by ‘sugar paste’ I mean ‘ready to roll’ icing. That’s what the supermarkets call it and they sell it in a block. So, take a pinch of sugar paste and roll it into a ball. It doesn’t matter how big it is, but you might want to get them all the same size. I wanted my work surface to look all nice and tidy in the pictures, but it really helps if you chuck a bit of icing sugar around first. That sugar paste is sticky and the icing sugar really helps take some of the tackiness out of it. Here is a picture of the ball…

Now, slightly push down and roll one side of the ball so you get a lil’ point. Like so

Take your little scissors and make two snips. One on either side of the pointy end. La

Perkif-y ears with fingers until happy. And then reach for your food safe pen and draw on some eyes… PICTURE!

Done! All you need to do then is REPEAT  in a variety of Eastery colours. Sprinkle pale green sprinkles around the edge of the cake first and then place bunnies on the top in a pretty circular pattern.

If, like me, you don’t have any pale green sprinkles, you can make your own. Take some white sprinkles and shake up and down in a little tub with some green food colouring powder ’til you get the shade of green you want.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful Easter!  xx