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Simple Easter Bunny Cake Toppers How To

Hi-Hi! How about a great little Easter holiday activity for you to make with the children? Easter Bunny cake toppers to sit pretty on top of your cheee-ock-late cake! Believe me they are SUPER easy. All you need are the following: sugar paste coloured with the tiniest smidge of pastel colouring, one food safe pen, […]

All-in-one Reduced-Guilt Lunchbox Cake!

Cake is pretty much a permanent fixture in our house, which means we have to be careful to remember that it is a Special Occasion sort of food, not an Everyday Snacking sort of food! So, I’m going to share with you my recipe which I call have catchily entitled ‘All-in-one Reduced-Guilt Lunchbox Cake’ which brings cake nearly […]